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Monday Funniness

As the weekend draws to a close, we start thinking toward the coming week and our weekend bliss goes sour in thought of Monday arriving. Why do Mondays have to be such downer days? So, I have decided to set a goal for myself… To make you smile on Monday. 🙂 Introducing Monday Funniess! If you come up with a better title, let me know! 🙂

I hope this helped start your Monday off with a smile!


Sweet 16, MAC, & A Beautician Named Kiwi

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Sweet 16 is a special birthday in our house! We can “officially” wear makeup and get our ears pierced. 🙂 The tradition started with me, and my younger 3 sisters have chosen to do the same. So, sweet 16 birthdays we go ALL OUT!

Did you know that you can get a free makeup makeover at the Nordstrom MAC counter on your birthday? Of course proper etiquette is to purchase an item… how can you resist after such pampering?! 🙂

Kiwi Johnson is one of MAC’s Beauty Advisors and she was fabulous! With her awesome hair, funky earrings, soft voice, and her step-by-step application of the “how-to’s” as she dolled Hannah up, I can’t help but hope to work with her on a Creative Team. And guess what? She was all for the idea! 🙂

This is probably my favorite photo from our date with MAC. Hannah learning to apply her own makeup with Kiwi’s encouragement. 🙂

Thank you Kiwi & MAC for such a fabulous birthday date!

Isn’t Hannah beautiful? Her first “official” peek in the mirror. 🙂

Happy Sweet 16, Hannah! Love you tons!

Body Sweaters & Robbers

To see me bundled up in my snow hat, wool military knee-high socks, slippers, and 3 lays of shirts, is not uncommon in my home on chilly days.  So, I think this sweater is genius and was made for me. 🙂 But her toes look cold, so I’d add wool socks to this attractive ensemble. Oh, and I would use a fun, squiggly straw to sip my vanilla, almond milk lattes.

Well, if I didn’t freak out first…

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