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DIY: How To Roast Your Own Fabulous Coffee At Home, Cheaply, & under 20min.

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I love the smell of coffee & making latte’s. And I have a weakness for peppermint mochas (homemade chocolate & rice milk)… ::happy sigh:: My Mom is what I would call a coffee connoisseur and roasts her own beans. Yes, she’s that awesome. 🙂 I know many coffee lovers so perhaps this post will get you even more in love.

Coffee beans, before they are roasted, are usually of the greenish hue. And generally can be purchased cheaper than already roasted beans. We like to support local businesses and Mt. Hood Roasters just so happens to be only 20mins away. Score! So, if you’re ever on the market for raw beans, check them out!

The amount of time you roast your beans will have bearing on the color and flavor of the roast. Usually 10-12min will give you a blonde roast, 12-15min a medium, and 15-20min a dark roast. Once you get to 20min you’ll start having a slight burnt flavor.

What do we use to roast the beans? A popcorn popper. Yes, that’s right a 1250 watt Popcorn Pumper to be exact. You can find them at garage sales, thrift stores, or on ebay for cheap. We’ve had ours for a couple years and it’s still roasting an A+ bean. 🙂 Thank you Auntie Lisa for the “Coffee Roaster”! 🙂

To roast you need 4 items: your popcorn popper, raw beans, bowl, and an outlet to plug into. We roast on our porch and let the heavenly smell of roasting coffee beans swirl into the house. I’m pretty sure we make our neighbors jealous. 😉

Pour in your raw beans like you would popcorn and set your timer for the amount of roasting you desire. If you want a blonde bean: when you hear one or two pops, that’s the beginning stage of the bean “skins” popping off. You’ll want to end roasting. For a medium to dark roast more skins will be popped off the bean. A dark roast means a lot of separated skins.

Ta-da! You’ve made your very own roasted coffee beans! We usually make a batch size that lasts a few days to a week and we store it in our grinder. To store your beans, keep them in a sealed container. If you make a large batch, try storing it in a dark/cool place. This will help preserve the beans longer.

Now you can sit down with a steaming cup of coffee and enjoy your new creation! Maybe invite some friends over and do coffee tasting with different beans and roasts. Fun times!

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