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Hi everyone! Since I’ve launched the new home of Focal Clarity Photography, I’ve been trying to figure out if my Follower’s will receive my new blog updates or if they have to Subscribe to my new website for the blog posts… As of today, I’ve added the Subscribe option to! So, if you would like to continue following me, please head on over to my new website & subscribe. =) I’d love to keep in touch with you!


– Ashley


Announceing Exciting Changes For Focal Clarity Photography!

Happy Monday everyone! I am stoked to announce the new home of Focal Clarity Photography! If you’re a regular reader or one of my awesome Followers, please add the new home of Focal Clarity to your Reader so we can keep in touch! For today’s post and from here on out, please head on over to See you over there!


– Ashley

Celebrating Sydney

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Oregon’s threatening clouds didn’t keep Sydney and the Baker clan from jumping the car and race down to my home a couple minutes away just as the rain gave us a break. We had been texting back and forth all morning trying to predict when the rain would let up, so we decided to fly on by the seat of our pants and have an adventure!

Sydney is a quiet outdoors man, boots, hat and all, so the race against the rain just added character to our senior portrait shoot. 🙂 With his cousins joining in the fun and his awesome Aunt manning the Reflector, we had a blast!

Thank you for the honor of shooting your Senior and Yearbook Portraits, Sydney!

If you would like to book your Senior and Yearbook Portrait, shoot me an email and let’s chat!

Amusingly Monday

Oh yes, it’s Monday!! No sad faces today! Here’s a load of amusement to start your Monday off with a smile… and hopefully a laugh. 🙂

Since Thanksgiving has just past and we’re all full of turkey and such goodness, I thought these highly appropriate. heh heh

I hope you had a very blessed & joyful Thanksgiving!

Thank you JA Shanks for the title suggestion!

Sweet 16 Photo Booth Madness

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I LOVE Photo Booths because seeing people having fun, laughing and getting in touch with their inner child makes me smile. Actually, I usually am doubled over laughing! So, we all have a crazy good time. 🙂

My recently turned 16 sister, Hannah, had a slumber party and I thought, “What a blast to bring out the Photo Booth to make some crazy funny memories.”. Well, here’s an idea of how much fun we had… Enjoy!

Some need a little encouragement… heh heh

Others didn’t need much encouragement!

Oh, yes… They are special… very special. 😉

Well, I’m not quite sure what to say about this… Wow.

Maybe kinda gangsta? Maybe?

Yep, we had fun! Melody, you’ve got an awesome smile. 🙂

And that concludes some Sweet 16 Photo Booth Madness!

If you’d like to add a splash of madness to your birthday party or gathering, drop me note and let’s chat!

Monday Funniness

As the weekend draws to a close, we start thinking toward the coming week and our weekend bliss goes sour in thought of Monday arriving. Why do Mondays have to be such downer days? So, I have decided to set a goal for myself… To make you smile on Monday. 🙂 Introducing Monday Funniess! If you come up with a better title, let me know! 🙂

I hope this helped start your Monday off with a smile!

Sweet 16, MAC, & A Beautician Named Kiwi

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Sweet 16 is a special birthday in our house! We can “officially” wear makeup and get our ears pierced. 🙂 The tradition started with me, and my younger 3 sisters have chosen to do the same. So, sweet 16 birthdays we go ALL OUT!

Did you know that you can get a free makeup makeover at the Nordstrom MAC counter on your birthday? Of course proper etiquette is to purchase an item… how can you resist after such pampering?! 🙂

Kiwi Johnson is one of MAC’s Beauty Advisors and she was fabulous! With her awesome hair, funky earrings, soft voice, and her step-by-step application of the “how-to’s” as she dolled Hannah up, I can’t help but hope to work with her on a Creative Team. And guess what? She was all for the idea! 🙂

This is probably my favorite photo from our date with MAC. Hannah learning to apply her own makeup with Kiwi’s encouragement. 🙂

Thank you Kiwi & MAC for such a fabulous birthday date!

Isn’t Hannah beautiful? Her first “official” peek in the mirror. 🙂

Happy Sweet 16, Hannah! Love you tons!

Helping Save Babies

Helping save babies is a HUGE priority for me and when I can help by using my photography, even better! Our local Pregnancy Resource Center hosts a Benefit Dessert & Silent Auction every year to raise money to help women, their babies, and their families through free STD testing, pregnancy testing, parenting resources and counsel for those seeking answers to pregnancy questions. So excited to have been able to partner with the Sandy & Estacada PRC!

To the incredible Sponsors – THANK YOU!

Thank you to all the wonderful families and businesses who donated decor, their time, and muscle it took to make this event happen!

How can you go wrong with live music, DESSERT, and early Christmas shopping?! 🙂 Did I mention dessert?

Lovely music performed by local artists. Thank you!

Thank you Sandy First Baptist Church for your support & hosting the ’12 PRC Benefit Dessert & Silent Auction!

Thank you Cheryl, John, & Annette for spear heading this event, for the hundreds of hours your have poured into so many women, men, families, and babies in our community! And thank you for the opportunity to capture this incredible evening!

In Touch With My Inner Child

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One of my favorite parts of my family’s visit to Disney World was going on an African Safari. Yes, I’m 25 years old, but boy, did I feel like a kid pointing out all the animals and clicking away with my trusty camera. 🙂 So, for your enjoyment, I present some of my favorite animals of Africa…

Hippos strike me as amazing, funny looking beasts of the water. Hippopotamus means “Water Horse”, they can out run a human, can run on a short distance at 30mph, teeth can grow up to 20 inches long ::jaw drop::, and can eat up to 100lb of food in a night.

The African Elephant is the largest land animal on earth, radiates heat through it’s ears to keep cool, their trunks alone have 100,000 different muscles, and they can consume 300lb of food in a day.

The Wilderbeest, also know as the Gnus, are known to reach the length of 8ft, the height of 4.5ft, weigh 600lb, and live up to 20yrs if their predators, cheetahs, wild dogs, and hyenas, don’t get to them before old age.

I saw this tree and just had to through it in there. I love how the branches look like roots!

I saved Giraffes for last because they were my favorite animal to see on our Safari. 🙂 Giraffes are the tallest animals on the earth and their legs can be as long as 6ft tall, enabling them to run 35mph. And get this, their tongues can be up to 21 inches long!

There’s just something so graceful about them!

I HAD to include this one even though it’s a tad blurry. His face just cracks me up! 🙂

*Resources: National Geographics, Biozoo,

Winslow Wedding

When I received Jon and Laura’s wedding invitation, I was ecstatic! I have know them for several years; we attended the same church for several years, Laura and I have been bridesmaids together, and Jon has been like an older brother. I am so incredibly excited for Jon and Laura! It was an honor to be your second shooter!

As Laura was getting ready, her Mom kept us laughing with stories of her experiences with make up as a missionary in the Philippines. 🙂

As a follower of Christ, it was such a blessing to capture these wonderful ladies pray over Laura. Such a sweet time.

Maid of Honor & Mother of the Bride were such a wonderful support and full of enthusiasm as they helped Laura dawn her gown and jewelry.

Aw, check out those blue eyes!

The first time I “met” Jon was when I was going through the PDX Airport Security as he checked my passport and shortly thereafter, we ended up taking the same Perspectives class. I met Laura during a missions project at our church and got to know her more when we were Bridesmaids together.

Isn’t she gorgeous?!

To witness this union was such an honor. Through the laughing and the happy tears, this was a day that will forever be imprinted on my mind.

Thank you Jon and Laura for the privilege of helping capture your wedding day!

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