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Subscribe To Follow The New Focal Clarity Photography Website

Hi everyone! Since I’ve launched the new home of Focal Clarity Photography, I’ve been trying to figure out if my Follower’s will receive my new blog updates or if they have to Subscribe to my new website for the blog posts… As of today, I’ve added the Subscribe option to! So, if you would like to continue following me, please head on over to my new website & subscribe. =) I’d love to keep in touch with you!


– Ashley


Africa’s Exotic Birds

The variety of birds are mind blowing. Think about all the different species, colors, sizes… When my family and I went to Florida’s Disney World, one of our visits was Africa. Isn’t God so creative?!

The color on this guy just blew me away…

Responding To Your Questions: Why My Faith Inspires My Photography

Since I launched my website last year, I’ve received emails from my readers asking me questions about my faith after reading my About page and how it inspired me to pursue photography. So, here’s my answer in a nut shell… =) This is a 5.14min video that shares what is most important to me in life. If you’re not interested, well, I’d encourage you to watch it anyway. =) If you have anymore questions, I would love to chat with you!

BTW, don’t be freaked out by the cover image on the video, the guy is actually pretty awesome. =) Ok, go ahead and click “play”!



Michael Lawrence

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Introducing international speaker, author, and pastor of Hinson Baptist Church, Michael Lawrence. When I met Pastor Lawrence at our pre-shoot consultation, I was struck by how much he cares about Hinson, enjoys biking for his daily transportation, his heart for biblically sound leadership, and the Lord. I am honored that he asked me to shoot his business portrait! And, I’m looking forward to shooting him at the 9Marks Conference at will be taking place at Hinson Baptist Church on July 23-24th:

Phonography: Water Lilies, Bubbles & Instagram

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“Phonography” has been coming up quite a bit on Twitter since the launch of Instagram for Android. Instagram is a great tool to capture memories with convenience via your phone. Whether you keep it in your back pocket or purse, your phone is only a reach a way.

Our white water lilies bloomed for the first time! I always look forward to their blooming; so out came Instagram (DSLR version will be posted soon!). =)  I was feeling particularly inspired, so I played around with some different Lightroom presents. Enjoy!

White Water Lilies are up to 10 inches across, floating on the surface of the water or just beneath. There is 1 flower to a stem, white, fragrant, 2–6 inches across, and floating on the water. There are 4 sepals and many rows of white petals, often more than 25, which are 3/4–4 inches long, thick, and pointed at the tip. There are more than 70 stamens. The outer ones are large and petal-like; they become smaller toward the center.

It usually flowers only from early morning until noon.

I’m enamored with water and bubbles, so why not include them? =)

Since downloading Instagram to my phone, I’m “phonographing” little memories & simple pleasures that pop up unexpectedly in my day. Loving it!

PDX Culture & Entertainment

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New to Portland, OR? Visit the Portland Saturday Market to get a taste of Portland life, culture, and entertainment. From street entertainers to shoppers, artists to collectors, panhandlers to entrepreneurs, an afternoon at the Portland Saturday Market makes for a eye opening and fun day. =) My family and I had a blast!

Bucket drummers. It was intense & very cool. I may have to take up bucket drumming. 🙂

Playing classics on the street corner.

Musical ambiance at the street music & entertainment hub fountain.

Portland, The City of Art

Break Dancers & Acrobats = Street Entertainment. They were amazing!

I love the action in this photo! He was amazing!

He’s called The Acrobat.

This is my favorite photo from my time at the Saturday Market. 🙂

Meet My First Photography Companion. :)

My family owns Trails End Labradoodles and I’m their volunteer, in-home, photographer. 🙂 When I first started out on my photography, I practiced a ton “shooting” puppies. Not a bad way to practice, huh?

To “shoot” pups, you gotta get down & dirty… and this cuteness always hung with me… generally sprawled out under me. He became my first photography buddy. 🙂

Can you not help yourself but say “aawww”?

To see more of my Dog & Puppy Photography for Trails End Labradoodles, check out their website!

Calling all Photographers! Give Your Input.

Calling all Photographers!

I’m working on a post for “beginning” Second Shooters & assistants; I would love your input. 🙂

1.) What is one thing you learned or wish you knew when you were first starting out as a 2nd Shooter/Assistant?

2.) And, as a 1st Shooter, what is one thing you would like 2nd Shooters/Assistants to know or do?

Leave a comment or email me with your input!

When you leave a comment or email, make sure to include your photography website & name so you get credit for your input. 🙂 You will be listed in the completed post! Deadline to submit is this Saturday, 12th, by noon.

Bliss In The Rain: Alyssa & Dominic

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For The Ladies: Guest Article – 6 Secrets I Learned At Makeup Artist School

I’ve never been a big makeup kind of girl and life is busy, so I like the natural & healthy look… and it’s fast. 🙂 When I started getting into photography I became interested in different makeup styles and practical ways of application (I still keep to the natural, healthy look). So, I keep my eyes open for practical makeup tips. Today I found a helpful article by Sharon Yi. Enjoy!

You could say that I have a love/hate relationship with makeup. Some days I enjoy playing with all the different colors and get excited when my smoky eye turns out perfectly.

But then there are those days when my liner refuses to go on straight, my bronzer makes me look like an Asian Snookie, or my lashes refuse to curl. That’s when I want to toss my makeup bag out my bathroom window.

I had one of those days last week, and after walking into work wearing two very different winged tips on my eyes, my editor assigned me a new story: Go to makeup school and write about it.

Want to see the best techniques I picked up without spending the thousands of dollars (and crazy amount of time) it takes to go to makeup school yourself? 

To read the rest:


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