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Porltand Fashion Designers Join Forces To Create Their Dream

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A sunny, warm afternoon on the grassy strip on Reed College St. provides a dreamy location for local Portland fashion Designers, Karen Davis and Mark Stoelk, to join forces to produce their dream shoot with models Cora Benesh and Jeremy Cartwright. Christa from Christa Taylor Photography, who you see me mentioning frequently in my posts, did a masterful job of capturing their dream, and I am honored to have been her second shooter. Enjoy!


Nathan’s 40th Birthday Gathering

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Over the hill is a party to remember and what is better than celebrating Nathan’s 40th with family and friends at Hammerle Park. 🙂 I was so pleased to receive a call from Nathan on Saturday asking me to shoot his birthday gathering. When I first started my Event Coordination business ( ) in 2008, Nathan was like my mentor and example. So, to be able to visit with him and his family for his birthday, was fantastic!

It was wonderful visiting with you Han Family! Thank you for asking me to capture your “Over the Hill” Birthday Gathering!

My Sister, Hannah

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She inherited the art genes of the family. I’m pretty sure the right hemisphere of her brain is ginormous. 🙂 Meet Hannah, my artsy sister!

She’s my photography nerd friend. Whenever I have an idea for shoot, I always run to Hannah, “Hannah! Wouldn’t this be stinkin’ awesome?!” And, yes, she agrees with me. 😉

She is a fabulous jewelry maker… Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets… you name it, she can make it.

Jesus Christ if everything to her and when she prays, I can feel the Lord smile. 🙂

She’s a talented cellist & pianist. She’ll knock your socks off as she learns soundtracks by ear!

Often times you’ll find her on her bed in the cove drawing her latest inspiration or creating content for her book.

Even though she’s the youngest girl in the family, she can whoop us at perfectly timed, hilarious movie quotes that put us into a roar of laughter at the meal table. She keeps the sun shinning when we’re driving in the rain. 🙂

I love you, sis!

My Sister, Molly

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What do you do when you have three younger sisters and one of them is turning 20? A glam fashion shoot of course!

It ‘s my pleasure to introduce you to my beautiful sister, Molly! Isn’t she stunning? 🙂

Molly is the ultimate woman. She can go from reading Winston Churchhill and cooking to welding a Saw like a master craftswoman building wild wood furniture. Yes, stand in awe.

She speaks in tool colors… Dewalt Yellow, Kubota Orange, John Deer Green, and Milwaukee Red

We laugh a lot together. But, don’t be deceived by her smile… she’s probably scheming a way to start hilarious mischief. 😉

Her joy in life is Jesus Christ and she’d not embarrassed to talk about Him. She has a stack of 3×5 cards filled with memory verses on her bed stand. Often times when I say goodnight, she’s bent over them committing them to memory.

She’s a loyal friend and I can always depend on her for a listening ear.

She’s a gifted guitarist and flutist. I love it when she doodles on her guitar. Whether she’s rocking out music on the stereo, working out a John Mayer song by ear or learning Daddy’s favorite father/daughter song, Butterflies, she fills our house with music.

Molly, you inspire me to take time, to stretch my mind, and to serve where there’s need. Your love for the Lord spurs me on. I love you, dear and thank the Lord that He gave you to me.

My Sister Sarah

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It is my privilege to introduce to you my sister, Sarah Rogers!  I’ve mentioned her and her music studio, Legacy Music, a few past post, but now you get to meet her. =)

Well, she is a talented, not to mention, gorgeous, piano and voice teacher to 30+ students. She is an avid reader & self-educator. Get her going on the topic of history and prepare to get a history degree. She’s like a sponge for information and learning.

In sports and games, she’s competitive & a natural born leader.

Her passion for what she loves is intense and you can see her thoughts through her eyes. Jesus Christ is her ultimate passion.

Her smile is contagious and melts all of her students hearts.

She’s beautiful inside and out.

Our youngest sister and artist of the family, Hannah, did her hair. Didn’t she do a fabulous job?

I’m so proud of my sister Sarah. She reminds me of what is important in life and reminds me to find joy in the simple things of life.

I love you Sarah!

Thank you Molly & Hannah for holding the reflector for me!

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