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Dog Days: A Whole Lot Of Dog Goodness

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You can’t get too much dog love… no you can’t. Oregon Dog Inc in West Linn did a fantastic job hosting Dog Days in the Summer at the West Linn Farmers Market. Thank you Oregon Dog Inc!

Do you feel sucked in by the puppy eyes yet???

Families, dogs, booths of all varieties, music, and food… doesn’t get much better than this!

Meet Stella from Trails End Labradoodles! Check out those adorable eyes! Want a pup of your own? Check out their website!

Wiener Dog Races… Yes, they did!

(bubble thought) “This is the life”

We had a talk and his name is Eeyore. No, really, did you guess? 😉


The Farmers Market is a great place to socialize your puppy; just make sure your puppy has their shots when you hit the streets. 🙂

And so ends a lovely day at Dog Days! Check out Oregon Dog Inc’s website for upcoming events.

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