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My Sister, Hannah

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She inherited the art genes of the family. I’m pretty sure the right hemisphere of her brain is ginormous. 🙂 Meet Hannah, my artsy sister!

She’s my photography nerd friend. Whenever I have an idea for shoot, I always run to Hannah, “Hannah! Wouldn’t this be stinkin’ awesome?!” And, yes, she agrees with me. 😉

She is a fabulous jewelry maker… Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets… you name it, she can make it.

Jesus Christ if everything to her and when she prays, I can feel the Lord smile. 🙂

She’s a talented cellist & pianist. She’ll knock your socks off as she learns soundtracks by ear!

Often times you’ll find her on her bed in the cove drawing her latest inspiration or creating content for her book.

Even though she’s the youngest girl in the family, she can whoop us at perfectly timed, hilarious movie quotes that put us into a roar of laughter at the meal table. She keeps the sun shinning when we’re driving in the rain. 🙂

I love you, sis!

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