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Phonography: Water Lilies, Bubbles & Instagram

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“Phonography” has been coming up quite a bit on Twitter since the launch of Instagram for Android. Instagram is a great tool to capture memories with convenience via your phone. Whether you keep it in your back pocket or purse, your phone is only a reach a way.

Our white water lilies bloomed for the first time! I always look forward to their blooming; so out came Instagram (DSLR version will be posted soon!). =)  I was feeling particularly inspired, so I played around with some different Lightroom presents. Enjoy!

White Water Lilies are up to 10 inches across, floating on the surface of the water or just beneath. There is 1 flower to a stem, white, fragrant, 2–6 inches across, and floating on the water. There are 4 sepals and many rows of white petals, often more than 25, which are 3/4–4 inches long, thick, and pointed at the tip. There are more than 70 stamens. The outer ones are large and petal-like; they become smaller toward the center.

It usually flowers only from early morning until noon.

I’m enamored with water and bubbles, so why not include them? =)

Since downloading Instagram to my phone, I’m “phonographing” little memories & simple pleasures that pop up unexpectedly in my day. Loving it!

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