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’12 Legacy Music Studios Recital

You may remember from a few months ago I did a photo post on Legacy Music Studio’s ’11 Master Classes. Well, last week they held their end of the year recital and I had the honor of capturing 20+ musicians take the stage. I love watching kids fall in love with their music. =) Some played a few notes in public for the first time and others showed wonderful musicianship. All were, deservedly so, proud of their accomplishments and audience affirmation as they took their bow. Wonderful job everyone!!

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Gracie Maddox

Austin Tolpin

Colton Swift

Kelsey Tolpin

Haylie Gunderson

Samaria Uesato

Melody Dysinger

Katie Cools

Rachel Amadio

Hannah Rogers

A Time to Worship the Lord

Zach Whitlock

Anna Dysinger

Megan Tolpin

Hayden Thornlimb

Anna Williamson

Norah Romero

Caroline Romero

Madison Johnson

Autumn Whitlock

Jaime Lyn Knifong

Becca, Cori, & Autumn Whitlock

Becca & Cori Whitlock

Benny Cools

William Johnson

’12 Legacy Music Studio Students & Teacher Sarah

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