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’12 Steps For Life

Steps for Life is one of my most looked forward to events every Spring! The community comes together to stand up for the life of babies and the health and support of their mothers. How cool is that?!

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Steps for Life is an annual walkathon/fundraiser organized by the Pregnancy Resource Centers in the Portland metro area. Through PRC, simple acts of love and compassion, combined with truth, are creating amazing results for our vulnerable neighbors…now and for eternity. The most volatile issues of our time—sexuality, abortion, and post-abortion consequences—affect everyone in our community. For more than 27 years, Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC) has worked to save and protect the most vulnerable lives in Greater Portland.

Above: Instagram photo

We work against the tide of sexual irresponsibility, epidemic STDs, unplanned pregnancies, abortions, broken relationships, and broken lives.  We help to move people off the path of destruction and onto the path of Life. It has been our privilege to:

  • Serve more than 160,000 women through our five Centers with complimentary services, including pregnancy tests, peer counseling and ultrasound.
  • See tens of thousands of babies born whose mothers might otherwise not have carried to term.
  • Challenge 200,000+ students to think seriously about their health and relationships through Abstinence until Marriage training.
  • Help thousands find restoration and new life based on the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Each year, tens of thousands more in our community need to know the truth and be supported as they choose the best for their lives.  Everyone can make a positive difference through love, joining in compassionate service that transcends politics.

The Jonny Wright Band

A time of worshiping the Lord.

A woman sharing her testimony on how PRC supported her so she could have her baby boy. He is now 14yrs old, is the top basketball player in his school, a diligent student, and an amazing son. Such an incredible testimony!

Too cool =)

Stylin’ the Steps for Life t-shirts with pride. You go girls!

Praying for the women and babies of Portland and nation wide.

Had a blast catching up with my photographer friend, Christi! Thanks Dad for taking our photo! … boy, I look short in this pic. =)

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