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Using Photography To Fight Human Trafficking

A few weeks ago I heard about Adorned In Grace Design Studio in Portland, OR and their mission. There are two aspects of Adorned in Grace: 1) a Bridal/Bridesmaid/Prom Dress shop where all proceeds from sales go toward fighting against human trafficking in PDX, 2) a skills/trade development project that trains & equips girls who have come out of human trafficking with a skill that can help them earn an income. So cool!

My sister was like “maybe there’s away you can use photography to help them”… Light bulb moment!

Long story short… I received an email from a lady who heads up Adorned In Grace who heard that I wanted to help through photography and she asked me if I would be willing to do a photo shoot of the girls as they were working in the skills development program. That way they can use the images for their upcoming website to bring awareness to their mission, needs, and human trafficking. Over course I said yes. 🙂

I am incredibly excited to use photography to help fight sex/human trafficking in Portland! Thank you Lord for this opportunity!

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