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The Final Rebelution Conference… Baton Rouge, LA

Wow. That pretty much is the final Rebelution Conference summed up. I’ve been working/serving with the Rebelution for about 3 yrs and have known it’s founders for 6. They’re family. It was an amazing experience to be able to serve with them and share the Final Rebelution Conference with them in Baton Rouge, LA this past weekend.

The Rebelution has been touring the United States since 2006 challenging teenagers to rebel against the low expectations of our culture by doing hard things for the glory of God. The Lord has used this ministry to change lives and it was an honor to see 190 people stand and declare “Jesus Christ is Lord” at the Final Conference.

It was a bitter sweet time. Saying goodbye to new friends and old is so hard, but I pray that we’ll meet again on this earth.

Thank you Lord for the honor to serve with such amazing people in so many locations across the United States. To make new friends and dig deeper with old friends. To be able to see hundreds… thousand of people over the years join Your family. To be able to pray with a new brothers and sister and hug and cry together. To be able to worship with so many people in one place and hear your Gospel spoken. To see young people rebel against low expectations and step up to the plate. To see families reunited. To see pastors inspired and equipped. To see lives changed.

Lord, I am overwhelmed by your goodness and blessing. Thank you. I can’t wait to be reunited with all the new Believers in Heaven and worship You together for eternity.

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